Sweet Baby Boy

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In my time photographing other people's babies, I've had almost ALL girl newborns. I had one boy that was half of a set of twins, but that's a whole different blog post. This sweet boy got to be my first newborn boy singleton. I got to photograph him at just 12 days new! There's something so amazing about holding onto a new little life. I wanted to share a little bit about what goes on in a newborn session, and include some precious photographs of this sweet little boy.

First, I will talk with you before the session to discuss any type of specific ideas you have for your session. I'll ask questions about color schemes for your nursery, if there are any special items you want to include in the session, what colors you would like to see in the photos, etc. This sweet little boy has parents who are VERY into music, so this little hat was perfect for him!

Second, I will come to you when your baby is born. Getting out of the house with a brand new baby is hard work! I want this session to be as relaxed as possible for you, and having to start it off by lugging your still recovering self and a newborn out of the house is not a great way to get you some rest. I want you to be relaxed because you've been through a HUGE change within the last 14 days and you deserve some rest! I also want you to relax because your baby feels it when you are stressed. Sleeping babies make for some great photographs! 

Third, it's important that you try to feed the baby right before I arrive, or when I get there. This will ensure that their tummy is full and they're nice and sleepy. I will spend the first 20 minutes or so setting up and chatting with you guys, so it's a perfect time to get the baby settled. I will try to get a variety of poses and props, and some detail shots during the session and those details always include their little feet.

Fourth, and possibly most importantly, the baby runs the show to a pretty large extent. I will go with what they want to do. I will never force a baby into a position that is uncomfortable for them (or for you). Some babies always want their hands by their face. Some babies want to be wrapped up super snuggly and tight ("snuggly" is a technical term) ;).  Some babies take a long time to settle down and some fall asleep and stay that way the entire session. Each baby is different and that's what makes each session so precious and amazing.


Fifth, parents are welcome to sit close by and watch what I'm doing. As a mom of three, I'm used to newborns. I have some tricks up my sleeve for whatever your baby can throw at me. Poop, pee, gas, crying, you name it, I've dealt with it both with my own children and as a photographer. However, that doesn't guarantee that the baby will settle and sleep for me. I will make sure to hand the baby off to a parent if I feel like they aren't responding to me in a calm manner. Sometimes they just need that Mommy or Daddy smell to feel safe and calm, and that's okay!


Finally, please know that I am going to do everything that I can to make the session enjoyable for you and your baby. I want you to cherish these photographs forever and have great memories associated with the session itself.  


**Adorable "Rock" hat by Dsey Designs.


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