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6 Tips To Having A Successful Newborn Session....Probably

November 03, 2016  •  8 Comments

Everyone wants those perfect newborn images. Getting your perfect little newborn to have their very best (and first) photo session is always the goal! You want the photographer to have a really easy time and you want to get all of those amazing newborn poses that you've seen other babies do. Trust me, we want those things, too! If you're still struggling to pick a newborn photographer, you can read my blog about it here. If you've already selected your newborn photographer and you read no further than this sentence, here's the one thing you need to know: Ask your photographer what they recommend. This is not going to be a be-all, end-all for how to get a perfect newborn session. Every baby is different and every photographer is different. These are just my recommendations to my clients to try to get as smooth a session as possible.


**I should note that these are only recommendations and you should do what  you are comfortable with.**


1- Breastfeeding- No spicy/new foods for 12-24 hours before. This can create a gassy and uncomfortable baby, which can lead to a crying, fussy, awake baby. Other foods that may cause fussiness are things like dairy and caffeine.

                                                      Gassy Baby

                                                 "Relieved Baby"

2-  Give a bath about an hour before the session, then lotion them up, if needed/wanted. Baths are a great way to get the baby warm and sleepy. Plus, they'll be fresh and clean for our session! Some babies peel quite a bit after they're born. Personally, I think it's so sweet because it's a part of their "newness" (made up but appropriate word), but some parents dislike the peeling skin. If you'd like to put lotion on their skin, this is not only a great way to continue the relaxation of the day, but it can also help calm the peeling skin. 


3- Try to hold off on feeding until just before the session. If you're not comfortable with that, that's okay! Again, this is only a recommendation. I recommend this to clients because babies who have a full tummy are sleepier and more content during the session. 

4- Avoid clothing that needs to be pulled over their head or is too tight. Clothes that button or have zippers ROCK! When the baby is in clothing that needs to be pulled over their head, they will often wake up during the changing process. With zippers or buttons, they are more likely to stay sleepy and content. Babies that are in clothing that is tight (or have on a tight diaper), get lines in their skin from the pressure. Try to have them in loose clothing for easy changing.

5- Have a pacifier on hand, even if they usually don't take one. If you are not going to use a pacifier with your baby, I won't force your baby to take one. The reason I recommend having one on hand is so that we can try to keep baby content for as long as possible. Babies tend to like to comfort nurse and a pacifier can help them to relax quickly and easily. 

6- Ask your photographer what they recommend and/or read their prep guide! I mentioned this in the beginning of my post, but I think it's so important that I'm mentioning it again. Your photographer will have their own recommendations (but most of us have the same general recommendations) and it will help your photographer if you read their prep guide or ask them what they recommend. We want you to not only have a fantastic session, but to also get gorgeous images of your newborn. 


As newborn photographers, we photograph babies for a living. We give you these recommendations because these are the things that we have found to work the most often. As previously stated, you should only do what you are comfortable with, because this is YOUR baby. Only you and your partner are in charge of your babies health. We, as your photographer, are there to capture beautiful images of your baby, but we will be happy to guide you towards as easy a session as possible.

With all of that being said, you can follow all of these recommendations to the letter and your baby could still be fussy or uninterested in modeling for the day. It happens! We know it and you certainly don't have to apologize for it. Babies run the show and we can only guide them. Stay tuned for more tips on having a great newborn session!


What a great article about newborn shoots. Thanks for sharing!
SHAINA DECIRYAN(non-registered)
The loose clothing idea is so true since babies have such delicate skin. Wonderful advice for parents wanting great photos of their little bundles. :)
These are great tips for newborn photography! Thanks for sharing!
Emily Brunner(non-registered)
This is great!
I agree about the full tummies! They're just much happier that way. Also the first two images? <3
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