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April 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello all!

Those of you who know a photographer or ARE a photographer, know that sometimes things slow down. January, February and March are the slow months for me. I have sessions here and there, but it is nowhere CLOSE to the fall season. Don't get me wrong, I'm not entirely complaining. I get to spend more time with my family and then I get to spend more time documenting our lives together while they're still small. So here is an introduction to my little loves and what's going on in my down time:


Lily is 8 going on 20. She is quite possibly the most mature 8 year old I know.....most of the time. She speaks like an adult and expects the world to act according to the rules. For example, the other day we went to Starbucks as a treat for her not biting her nails. As we sat down we started to talk about what's healthy vs. not healthy. (She got a cake pop and I got a butter croissant.) Her response? "In my experience, fruits and veggies are super good for you, but I just like sugar more." What 8 year old kid starts a sentence with "In my experience"?? She's beautiful and brilliant and kind and gentle. 

She used to shy away from my camera, but now she's usually pretty happy to model for me :)



Tyler is 4 and he's my wrecking ball. I say that in the most loving manner possible. He is the one who runs forward while looking over his shoulder back at you to make sure that you're watching. Then he inevitably runs into the wall and says "I'm OK!"He has had more bumps, bruises and scratches on him than any kid that I know, but he is just so full of LIFE that he can't contain himself. The only time that he is still is when he is watching a movie or sleeping. Other than that, he's running, jumping, kicking, spinning or doing any kind of movement that gets into his head. It's a good thing that he's old enough for Tae Kwon Do now, so that he can get SOME of his energy out. Tyler is also the sweetest little boy in the whole wide world. If you're sad, he wants to know what's wrong and to give you a hug to make it better. 

Tyler is always goofing off for the camera. He loves to make silly faces and immediately asks to see his picture.



Elena is 3 and is a full-blown threenager. She has been with me on my photography journey the whole way from my first DSLR. She was my first "newborn session" (which is a post for a different day). Elena is my most naturally affectionate child and wants to be snuggled and loved on at all times...unless she decides that she's done being loved on, then she has no problem saying "Stop touching me!!" (See? "Threenager"!) She loves to dance and be the center of attention, which is easy when you're the baby. Two of her favorite things are "cooking" with me or my husband and going to dance class. We just started going to class, but she's hooked! Every day she asks, "Am I going to dance class today??"


During slow season, I like to spend more time documenting our time together as a family. Since I've left my previous job in order to pursue photography, I get to go see various local spots in the area, which I'll be talking about in other blog posts. Most of the time, we're home (except Lily, since she's at school) and we get to do some fun childhood stuff, like playing with Play-Doh and blocks. Please ignore the messy house ;)

This is my life everyday. It's definitely a switch from a year ago, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. These beautiful little people make my heart full and I love them more and more each day.


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