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Fluttering Shutter Photography at Reston Pediatrics


Some of you may know that I am a Northern Virginia native. When I was little I attended Reston Pediatrics, so when I began having my babies, they began to go there as well! The office we went to isn't in Reston anymore and my doctor isn't there anymore, but the atmosphere of love and caring for children was definitely the same. The office recently moved to a new, larger space in Lansdowne where everything is so beautiful, clean and new! 

Around Christmas last year, I had an appointment for one of the children because they weren't feeling well. I began talking to our doctor (the amazing Dr. Lindlau) about how blank the walls were and told her that I would love to help them decorate their new office with some portraits of my clients. A few weeks later, I got a call to come in and speak with Debbie and Chantelle. We had such an amazing time talking about where the portraits would go and what we could do with them. We came up with some designs and I'm proud to show them off to you! So, if you're already a patient there, or are going to be a patient there, I hope you enjoy the portraits! :)

PS- Thank you SO much to Blaire Ring at Second Ave Photography for coming along and helping me to hang up all of these canvases, PLUS taking these shots for me! What a great friend!! #communityovercompetition




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