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Momtographer Monday: Why Your Camera Is NOT All That Matters

January 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I want to talk to you all today about your camera. It doesn't have to be the best and most expensive equipment around, I promise. You can have the best camera and lenses on Earth and still take a crappy picture. Conversely, you can have a really simple point and shoot or your phone and take a great picture. It's truly about the knowledge BEHIND the lens that makes the image amazing. That's one of the reasons that I started this blog. I want people to understand what it takes to make a beautiful image, and also understand that the camera is not the primary cause of that beauty.

When I first started out, I was using a Canon Rebel t3i with a kit lens (18-55mm). All that means is that I got a basic DSLR camera and just used the lens that came with it. I left the camera on Auto and went to town! During that time, I got some really cute shots of my kids that were high quality images like this one: 


My husband still says that this is one of his favorite shots ever, but years on and quite a bit of education later, I find myself only seeing the fact that I used the on-camera flash, which gives it harsh shadows. 

As my love for photography progressed, I got new lenses and really dedicated time to learning about my camera and lighting. I worked to improve my photography and asked for feedback from photographers that I know and respect. Over time, I feel like my photography has improved significantly. Do I feel like I have work left to do? Absolutely. I will never stop learning about how to be a better photographer. I will continue to invest in professional grade equipment, but that's because this is my job. You can take fantastic pictures with any camera if you take the time to invest in learning HOW to take a great picture.

As a final thought, please bear this blog post in mind when you have a professional take your portraits. It's disheartening for a professional photographer to hear the words "Your camera takes great pictures!" Because the reality is, our camera does what we tell it to do and our extensive training and knowledge is what makes the images beautiful. Saying something like that to a professional is the equivalent of saying something like "Your kitchen makes great meals!" Just food for thought :)

Did you enjoy today's blog? What else do you want to learn about?


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