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Time Goes By

March 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello all!

As most of you know, I'm currently pregnant with my 4th baby (3rd girl). I will hit 32 weeks on Wednesday and, I have to say, this pregnancy feels like it has FLOWN by. Pregnancy is funny that way though, because in the first trimester and even the beginning of the second, time seems to drag on forever. You wait nervously through until the first 12 weeks are over so that you feel "safe" in your pregnancy. Then you wait until you "pop" and actually look pregnant. Then you wait until you feel those first little movements. Then you wait to find out the sex of your little one. Then you wait until you get to hold them in your arms. Pregnancy is a LOT of waiting, but as you get closer to the end, it seems that time is flying so fast that it's hard to keep up!

Now, this is a blog for my photography and not pregnancy, but all of this contemplation of time really had me thinking about the importance of capturing moments as they come along. While I'm waiting for this baby to be born, my other three children are continuing to grow and thrive and I don't want to forget how fast they're doing it. I don't want to miss a single moment. However, being heavily pregnant can make it hard to chase them around and take more candid shots of them, so I decided to do a really simple setup and photograph them as they are. 

The thing I love about these portraits is that it shows multiple sides of their personalities. For example, here's Lily. She's the oldest and most reserved of the three. She loves to read and is a gamer. She also has this silly side that peeks out to say hello. 


Then we have Tyler. He is my full of life child, who can barely sit still long enough for me to get some good portraits of him, but sometimes he REALLY wants to be in my photographs. He is always a ham and his personality shines through into every image I can capture of him. Tyler is truly one of the kindest children that I have ever known.

Finally, we have Elena. She has days where she ROCKS being in front of the camera and other days, she's just not interested. Such is the life of trying to photograph a 4 year old, I guess. Elena is definitely a child of her own mind. She has her own opinions and is not afraid to share them. On the other hand, she is almost always a people pleaser and KNOWS how cute she is.


All of my children are unique and amazing (not that I'm biased or anything), and I am so happy that I caught each side of their personalities in a super simple setup in my house. But then the question became, what am I going to DO with these images? That's when I decided that I wanted to do a wall collage in our home. I think that I am going to do the collage on one of the larger wall spaces that we have at the top of our stairs and not in our bedroom, but here is the layout.

Bedroom interior.Bedroom interior.Modern bedroom interior. Frontal view. 3d render. (Disclaimer- This is NOT my bedroom. I am heavily pregnant and have three other children. There is nowhere in my house that is this clean and empty.)


I know that I will have to add more images of our littlest, once she is older and can show off her personality a little more besides all of the kicking and punching, but I'm okay with waiting to add her to the group. This wall grouping will not be a cheap update, but I think that it's an important investment. I truly feel that children benefit from seeing pictures of themselves up on the walls of their home. I am willing to save up to buy all of these in heirloom quality canvas, so that they will last for years to come and someday, I can give them to my children or my grandchildren to hang up on the walls of their home. 

After I had this all planned out I wanted to offer YOU something like this, too. That being said, Fluttering Shutter Photography is introducing Luxe Mini-Sessions: Simple and Stunning Portraits. They will take place on March 18th starting at 10am at my home in Purcellville. Each session will cost $50 and be 10 minutes long. After our session we'll set up a date and time to look over all of your portraits so that we can design a personalized display of your stunning child.

Here is what we can do for YOUR home!


There are only 5 spots available, so book soon!


Have any questions? You can post them here or contact me directly. Let's chat about capturing the beauty of your children!




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