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Hug-A-Preemie Mini-Sessions

March 01, 2018  •  1 Comment



Hello my lovelies!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that we welcomed our last child into the world 6 weeks before her due date. Being born 6 weeks early made her a preemie and earned her an 11 day stay in the NICU. While she was there, I saw many babies come and go. Some stayed overnight for observation, others stayed for a few days and some were there for a short amount of time before they were transferred to higher level NICU's in the area.

During our time there, I was so blessed to have the support of two amazing women who are also mamas to NICU graduates. Jamie Romaezi and Blaire Ring are the owners of their own photography businesses and I am honored to join them in helping to raise money for the March of Dimes!

Here is a quote directly from the March of Dimes website about their mission: 


"In 2017, the March of Dimes convened the Prematurity Campaign Collaborative to address the persistent health inequities and rising rate of preterm birth in the United States. Through the Collaborative, hundreds of organizations and experts work together on the shared challenge to “Achieve Equity and Demonstrated Improvements in Preterm Birth.” If you’d like to join the Collaborative or receive its newsletter, send an email to collaborative@marchofdimes.org. 

Prematurity Campaign activities fall in five main areas:
1.    Research and discovery
2.    Care innovation and community engagement
3.    Advocacy
4.    Education
5.    Family-centered newborn intensive care units (NICUs)"


Donations to the March of Dimes help them to fight premature birth and support those babies and families that can't avoid a NICU stay.

Are you interested in helping the March of Dimes? Of course you are!

Are you interested in having a mini-session with me? Yes!

After signing up, are you also interested in having your name put into a drawing to get some of the best food in Loudoun at Solo Pizza in Leesburg?! I mean, you're already all dressed up, you might as well make it a fun night out!


If you're ready to sign up, you can fill out the online form here! I'm so excited to see all of you!!!


So excited to support you and the March of Dimes! My neighbor has a preemie too and I am giving her this session.
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