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In-studio Maternity Sessions

February 24, 2021 - For as long as Fluttering Shutter Photography has been open, I have only ever done outdoor maternity portraits. Looking...
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Baby A- Purcellville Newborn Session

February 16, 2021 - Hi gang! I'm going to try something new and blog more sessions. What do you say? Want to see more portraits from each se...
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You have the digitals, now what?

February 10, 2021 - Do you have a ton of digital portraits sitting around on your computer or in your phone? I'm almost positive that you do...
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How One Room Can Make Your House Into Your Home

April 13, 2020 - In 2007, I was planning my wedding, going to graduate school, looking for a house to buy and I was 6 months pregnant. Yo...
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Shoot & Share Contest

January 23, 2019 - Hello all! For the past few years, I've been participating in the Shoot & Share contest and I have loved every minute o...
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Picking YOUR Photographer

June 14, 2018 - Every week (sometimes every day), I see posts put up in Facebook groups "ISO Photographer" and there are 180 million res...
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Hug-A-Preemie Mini-Sessions

March 01, 2018 - Hello my lovelies! If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that we welcomed our last child into the world 6...
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Perfectly Coordinated

November 30, 2017 - I had to save this one for close to the end of my busy fall season because they hadn't seen their portraits yet, but I l...
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November 06, 2017 - Every year, fall is the busiest season for me (and all photographers). I always explain it like this: Fall for photograp...
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5 More Tips for Fall Family Portraits

September 13, 2017 - It's that time of year again! Fall is the busiest time of year for photographers, especially in Northern Virginia. Why?...
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Shoot & Share Contest Results!

March 23, 2017 - As many of you know, in January of this year I entered a photography contest via Shoot & Share. Last year, I only entere...
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You Are Beautiful

January 17, 2017 - For those of you who are new to the blog, welcome to Fluttering Shutter Photography! I'm a maternity/newborn/children, f...
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Scheduling Your Portrait Session

January 12, 2017 - Hello again! I wrote this blog a year ago, but I think that it's SO important that I decided to tweak it a little bit an...
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1k Giveaway!

January 09, 2017 - Hello all! I started my business officially in 2014, but I was working a regular office job full-time simultaneously. I...
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Digitals: Are They Worth It?

December 15, 2016 - Before I go any further with this post, let me put this disclaimer out there: I don't bash photographers who only give d...
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Location, location, location

December 05, 2016 - There are a few things that are important for a good portrait session, but one of the most important ones is location! T...
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Baby C II Leesburg Newborn Photographer

September 07, 2016 - A few months ago I was looking for a baby girl to use for a model call. Photographers will do these occasionally to hone...
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Investing in Newborn Photography

September 01, 2016 - I wanted to write a little bit today about what you should look for in a newborn photographer. This market, especially N...
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A Beautiful Girl, Eternal Love and Kicking Cancer's Butt in Leesburg, VA ~Fluttering Shutter~

June 15, 2016 - This is not going to be a typical photography blog where it's mainly pictures. At least not in the beginning of the stor...
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6 Tips On How To Be A Photographer's Dream Client

May 23, 2016 - I was at a Rising Tide Society Tuesday's Together meeting the other night and the idea for this blog post was born. We w...
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Newborn Workshop

May 16, 2016 - Hello all! This past weekend, I got to participate in a newborn workshop with the amazing Winnie Bruce at Winnie Bruce...
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Persistence Pays Off

May 04, 2016 - I officially began my photography journey in 2013, but my love of photography started well before that. As a kid, I love...
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7 Tips For Portrait Sessions

April 25, 2016 - When you have the chance to have portraits done, you want everything to go smoothly. You want your children to behave, f...
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Reston Pediatrics

April 21, 2016 - Fluttering Shutter Photography at Reston Pediatrics Some of you may know that I am a Northern Virginia native. When I...
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Community Over Competition

April 19, 2016 - Recently, I've been struggling with my work, as all artists do from time to time. I go through phases of feeling like I'...
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My Kids

April 12, 2016 - Hello all! Those of you who know a photographer or ARE a photographer, know that sometimes things slow down. January, F...
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